Massage Therapy 5110

What they are saying:

"The Massage Therapy Program is excellent and encompasses all aspects of massage from the relationship between therapist and client to the structure and function of the human body.  It is an exceptional program taught by professionals and leaders in the field of massage therapy in an encouraging, and enjoyable atmosphere."

Amanda Baskwill - RMT
About Centennial
Established as Toronto's first public college in 1966, Centennial College offers programs in business, communications, community and health studies, science and engineering technology, general arts, hospitality and transportation.
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Program code: 5110
School: School of Community and Health Studies
Credential: Ontario College Advanced Diploma
Program Type: Post-secondary program
Program Length: 3 years/ 6 semesters
Start Date: Fall
Location: Morningside Campus
Tel: 416-289-5303

Centennial College’s Massage Therapy program is a distinctive and rigorous program that will prepare you for the broad range of career possibilities that exist for Massage Therapists. You could have your own practice with flexible hours; work with sports teams and athletes or within a hospital setting. This hands-on industry-approved program will provide you with the fundamentals of massage therapy skills, with a focus on critical thinking, rehabilitation and business management.
In this program, you will:

  • Develop an expertise in dealing with patients seeking relief from a variety of conditions affecting their health and well-being.
  • Build your business and research skills to prepare you for a successful business and to advance in the profession of massage therapy.
  • Complement your in-class education with clinical placements that will enhance your skills as you work with clients from the community.
  • Gain the skills to prepare you for your entrance your entry-to-practice exams after graduation.

If you are interested in completing this program in a shorter period of time, which would include attending school in the fall, winter and summer semester, please click here.

Semester 1 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
COMM-170/COMM-171 College Communications 2 Morningside Campus
GNED General Education Elective Morningside Campus
THER-111 Massage Theory and Practice 1 Morningside Campus
THER-115 Legislation, Standards & Professionalism Morningside Campus
THER-116 Introductory Concepts of Anatomy & Physiology Morningside Campus
THER-118 Nutrition & Lifestyle Practices Morningside Campus

Semester 2 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
COMM-180 College Communications 3 Morningside Campus
THER-120 Introduction to Hydrotherapy Morningside Campus
THER-121 Massage Theory and Practice 2 Morningside Campus
THER-122 Therapeutic Relationship 1 Morningside Campus
THER-123 Clinical Anatomy 1 Morningside Campus
THER-124 Physiology Morningside Campus

Semester 3 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
THER-210 Pathophysiology 1 Morningside Campus
THER-211 Massage Theory and Practice 3 Morningside Campus
THER-212 Clinic 1 Morningside Campus
THER-213 Clinical Anatomy 2 Morningside Campus
THER-215 Biomechanics & Orthopedic Assessment Morningside Campus

Semester 4 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
GNED-500 Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Action Morningside Campus
THER-200 Outreach 1 Morningside Campus
THER-220 Pathophysiology 2 Morningside Campus
THER-221 Massage Theory and Practice 4 Morningside Campus
THER-222 Clinic 2 Morningside Campus
THER-225 Fitness & Remedial Exercise Morningside Campus
THER-227 Therapeutic Relationship 2 Morningside Campus

Semester 5 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
GNED General Education Elective Morningside Campus
THER-300 Outreach 2 Morningside Campus
THER-310 Pathophysiology 3 Morningside Campus
THER-311 Massage Theory and Practice 5 Morningside Campus
THER-315 Neuroanatomy & Physiology Morningside Campus
THER-316 Issues & Research Literacy In Massage Therapy Morningside Campus
THER-322 Clinic 3 Morningside Campus

Semester 6 Courses
Course Code Course Title Campus
THER-321 Massage Theory and Practice 6 Morningside Campus
THER-324 Professional Practice Morningside Campus
THER-325 Creating an Independent Practice Morningside Campus
THER-332 Clinic 4 Morningside Campus
THER-400 Outreach 3 Morningside Campus
THER-500 Advanced Techniques Morningside Campus

Career Outlook

Massage Therapy is a regulated health profession in Ontario practiced under the Regulated Health Professions Act, and the Massage Therapy Act. Centennial’s Massage Therapy graduates are greatly valued in the workforce and are highly successful at Ontario’s registration exams, set by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Program Learning Outcomes 

Graduates have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Conduct a massage therapy practice within an ethical framework
  • Develop therapeutic relationships that support health and well-being
  • Collect and use client information to determine the appropriateness of massage therapy
  • Develop, implement and evaluate a treatment plan
  • Maintain professional readiness to ensure quality care

Distinctive Benefits for Centennial Students

  • The program’s strong clinical component provides opportunity for supervised practice where a variety of client needs and treatments are assessed and managed
  • There is a combination of massage therapy education and entrepreneurial business skills
  • Qualified graduates are eligible to write the registration examinations administered by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario to qualify for Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) designation
  • Students have demonstrated an excellent success rate at the CMTO entry-to-practice examinations

Massage Therapy Database Information

College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) registration statistics:  (most recent statistics available)

MCQ (written exam)                      OSCE (oral practical)

2011       100% success                 90% success

2010       100% success                  97% success

2009       100%                                100%

2008       100%                                97%

KPI Awards - KPI Awards are awards given to a program based on student satisfaction survey statistics.  The Massage Therapy Program here at Centennial College has been awarded the following:

2011 President’s Gold Award – Student Satisfaction – Quality of Learning Experience (awarded if student satisfaction is 90% or greater five years in a row)

2010 President’s Gold Award - Student Satisfaction – Quality of Learning Experience Graduate Satisfaction Award

Potential Pathways to further education 
Qualified graduates may be eligible to further their study with selectected academic institutions.  These pathways allow graduates to apply academic credit towards further study.

  • Athabasca University
  • UOIT


The qualification requirements and costs for each external accreditation, designation, certification or recognition are set by the granting body, not by Centennial College.  In order to qualify for any external accreditations, designations, certifications or recognitions, students and graduates will need to follow the processes and meet the applicable requirements listed on the websites and in the materials of those external bodies.


  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or mature student status (19 years or older)
Academic Requirements
  • Biology  Grade 11 or 12, C or U, or equivalent (minimum grade required)
  • One additional Science Grade 11 or 12  (Physics, Chemistry, or Exercise Science) C or U, or equivalent (minimum grade required)
  • For applicants who are currently attending high school in Ontario your midterm and final grades will be transmitted automatically to the college.
After admission, but prior to attending each field placement, students are required to:
  • Obtain annual clear police check with vulnerable sector screening
  • Successfully complete and annually renew a recognized course in CPR (Health Care Provider level)
  • Successfully complete of a recognized course in Standard First Aid
  • Attend mask fit testing that is provided by Centennial College (Shaving of portion of face may be required to meet safety standards)
  • Obtain pre-clearance health form completed by a physician or nurse practitioner stating that the student meets the health requirements of legislated acts, ministry guidelines and agency policies 
Career Outlook
Graduates may be self-employed or work in multidisciplinary healthcare facilities or hospitals. Sports rehabilitation clinics and health spas represent a growing service sector in North America that will employ graduates. Another emerging market is on-site therapy, typically provided in the workplace by large companies as a health benefit to employees.